Website Security and Why You Need It

Why is Website Security Important?

When it comes to your website security, the most important question is, what does your website mean to you? Ideally, it should mean a 24/7 advertising tool which is working for you even in such hard and dire times like the ones we are experiencing now through the COVID-19 pandemic. If not, this article still a recommended read. We also recommend one of our upcoming articles as they are more centered to your current expectations, which we will dwell into more details. As to our website optimizing services – which is one of our marketing solutions that will have your website provide your business an efficient and effective sales funnel. Our website optimizing services will also make your website be an efficient, effective and profitable online marketing tool!

XJOSE’s Security Solutions

As to this article, we will discuss one of our initial security solutions – that’s a basic business security plan. This consists of website back-ups, website firewall, secure server license, online optimization, daily website maintenance, website daily update schedule and even analytical tools to track websites security, speed, and sales. All this for the low price of $49.99 per month, no contracts and no hidden fees!

Now, we don’t want to provide a blog that just has us selling our services. We provide solutions, not scams. That being said, we can provide some words of wisdom for you as to providing you with expert security advice for your website, but for no price at all! What is this?

Security Check-List:

  • Update plugins at least once a week
  • Keep website optimized daily
  • Delete unused files and software’s
  • Clean website from spam weekly
  • See files and third party software’s for malware weekly

Now although of course there’s a lot more included. Every situation is truly unique as to its needs, one thing is for sure. The checklist above will have you ahead of the average business, and the quicker you secure your website, the higher it ranks on search engines. What does your website ranking higher on search engines mean? It means more views, more leads and more sales.

In Conclusion, What Does XJOSE Security Solutions Provide?

It provides security, not only for a website, but for your business. It provides a step forward in bringing in a strong sales funnel. It provides opportunities within these chaotic times. We are blessed to be alive during such hard times – now as business owners we have to access and accurately pivot to bring us the highest Return On Investments (ROI) possible in current times. As well as the foreseeable future.

If security hasn’t been a priority yet, we truly hope you’ve reconsidered with information provided above. If not, feel free to give us a call at (904) 521-1211 – where you’ll reach expert marketing consultants that can speak with you regarding website security concerns, website advice, print and digital marketing.

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