Website Optimization: What Makes A Good Sales Funnel?

What is Website Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO), or website optimization, is the process of making changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPS). Based on a number of factors, search engines evaluate your website’s relevance and readability before assigning it a position or ranking on the search engine results page. The more relevance the search engines determine your website has for a given search, the higher the website will rank. When you consider that more than 60% of Internet users will not look beyond the first page of search results, it’s important to use search engine optimization to push your ranking as high as possible. SEO services for website optimization address a variety of factors, including: keyword selection, adding and refreshing content, creating search-engine friendly design, building links, and resolving technical issues that may drive search engines away.

What does our website optimization services entail?

Analytics to track speeds, sales, leads, conversion rates, monitor spacing, bounce rate and many more data points to indicate where improvements is needed and how. How exactly we get this done? Initially, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the engine behind any great online sales funnel.


Because of organic engagements which not only breeds leads but also sales, as well as referrals.

What Does Website Optimization Mean For You?

It means we provide expert and professional help to improve your website and have it be a better all-around sales funnel. One that works with and for you efficiently and effectively even during these dire times. We don’t sucker anyone in on contracts, how? By not having any! We have an individual monthly fee to further put the necessarily monthly maintenance, and optimization, why?

Because we’re confident, through our accurate continuous analysis our improvements and work would speak for itself. Having us show our worth!

What’s another service of sales optimization does XJOSE provide?

Niche websites, online specifically tailored and branded websites starting at the low price of $249.99. These niche websites offer:

  • Valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles already built-in
  • Imagery
  • Professionally written content
  • Gorgeous designs which will have your website leave an elegant yet efficient online presence.

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