Tiana and Roza Perry Books

Tiana & Roza Perry Books Story

New authors Tiana & Roza pursue their lifelong dreams and embark on the journey to authorship together! At the young age of twelve, Tatiana “Tiana” Brooks takes us on the journey of a lifetime in a world full of wonder and imagination while her mother Roza Perry tells the life-changing testimony of her daughter’s birth! Together they create an inspirational space for creativity, courage, and the pursuit of a vision to achieve any goal!

Tiana Brooks is the recipient of the Rackhouse Publishing youth author scholarship and worked tirelessly to complete her book while maintaining honor roll. Her love of books was passed down from her mother who was born into a bloodline of storytellers in the Wolof tribe of the Gambia, West Africa. Just like her mother, Tiana uses books to expand her imagination and travel to places in her dreams. As the daughter of an educator, Roza developed a love for books early in her life and often used it as a way to find solace in her large and often chaotic family. In her book Roza demonstrates resilience on the journey to motherhood, her testimony of faith is one to be remembered!

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