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Our Marketing Advisors

We fully understand that marketing your business can be very hard, expensive, and timely before actually becoming effective. We also understand your business is special, it isn’t as simple as choosing an industry yet with a one-to-one consultation we can actually learn about your business.

Not only what your business does, but your business goals, expectations within initial campaign to future campaigns, and many more factors that’ll determine what our marketing advisors structure as well as plan for.

Why Choose XJOSE
Marketing Advisors?

A lot of marketing agencies decide to specialize within two major parts of marketing; planning and execution. Yet XJOSE doesn’t, we designed our agency as a group of marketing specialists all with different work histories, specialties, and marketing practices to fully coordinate together as a comprehensive agency. 

Our marketing advisors know this which allows for the strategy portion not only to be easy to plan but also realistic with its approach both in timelines and overall end-results. Our technological expertise also allows a new level of transparency within the execution side, keeping you informed throughout our marketing consultations and dashboard that integrates well for an easy-to-use platform.

Marketing That Performs

Performance is crucial for all marketing campaigns no matter the platform, media outlet, tool, services to budget, a positive Return on Investment (ROI) is a priority at all times. With our XJOSE custom dashboard, all of your data points will be kept in one place with an omnichannel-style approach allowing for measurable results throughout. 

Our XJOSE marketing strategies focus on performance by implementing our custom software solutions to improve your online presence, track results as well as fully dedicated marketing consultations. We will strategize according to your businesses’ specifications, budget, objective, and more which is why all of our marketing consulting solutions are taken “case by case” as all marketing solutions are custom to your expected results.


The XJOSE Difference

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