EQ vs IQ and why is it important.

We often hear or read on how if you’re intelligent you’ll go further in life, or things will come easier to you. And although I agree intelligence is important, is it really what will indicate our success and failures? I’m not too sure, using my first sentence as an example, experience and facts prove that intelligent people end up as failures a whole bunch of times, while not the sharpest tools in the shed end up being the owners of such shed. And keep in mind, i’m not using success as a measurements or a bar for wealth, no. Success is subjective therefore I mean success in all shapes and forms such as; career, life, family, education, no matter how you define success. You often in which intelligence isn’t the leading factor in one’s life, sure it plays a huge role in that I wont deny. Yet, if any of my experience as a first responder and a student pilot has thought me anything, it’s the importance of good judgement. Judgement is crucial, not only in the cockpit or the ambulance but everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

But before I move further i’d like to address what exactly is EQ, as well as IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately (Mind Tools, 2017). EQ guides thinking, behavior, and the ability to adjust emotions to environments or achieve one’s goals. Intelligence Quotient (IQ), on the other hand, is just a total score derived from several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. And although we might hear “Leave your biases out the door, your emotions as well, this is a professional work environment and you should conduct appropriately as a professional”, we all know that isn’t possible. Sure, we can try to be as logical and professional as possible and at instances you get pretty darn close to perfection in that arena. Yet, emotions are one of the biggest things, if not the biggest thing in which make us human, and turning off our humanity is simply an impossibility, because there’s a pretty darn good chance that you, who’s reading this, no matter age, ethnicity, background or gender, are in fact. Human.

So that being said, EQ, why is it so important? EQ is important because people are faced with tasks which beg the question “If this happens, what is the proper response”? Some might argue the answer requires a more intellectual and logical approach, but things don’t go as expected in business, and life. There’s seldom a procedure or checklist to memorize or use as reference like the ones first responders and pilots follow. Sometimes, a judgement call on a tough decision must be made, and that’s when EQ matters the most. You don’t just have to know what it takes to make things go as planned, and can’t plan for everything, which whats unplanned and unexpected takes over. So does EQ, as instinct takes over as well, that’s when judgment is what matter, if the only thing that matters at the time. How to handle your emotions, how to handle others, how to recalibrate your thinking in a split-second. Emotions sometimes decide ones decision for them, and having a good or high EQ would lead to more favorable outcomes when those split-second decisions arise.

Finally, why am I saying this? Or more accurately, why am I writing this? Because unlike our intelligence, I don’t believe our EQ is fixed. As we grow older, we grow wiser, we learn how to control our emotions more adequately, leading to desirable outcomes. So, don’t get hung up on the “whys” in life, but more on the “what’s next” as I often hear by wiser people than I, “Be proactive, not reactive”. Assess every situation, think of the unexpected, improve mostly on not why things happen, but on what to do when they happen. Life is filled with moments in which it didn’t matter how intelligent you were, but on how well you handled a situation. Emotions are like the sun, they’ll always come out. So please stop trying to shove them in deeper and deeper and instead learn how to handle them. Because when you handle your emotions and are well acquainted within yourself, and within others, judgement improves, and so do desirable outcomes.

Thank you for your time and hope this was a good read!

José Concepción

Marketing Consultant

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