Unique Expression Apparel:

Industry:                        Clothing & Fashion

Project:                           Website Development & Marketing

Our mission is to help graphically express your message in the means that fits your audience.  Whether a stock purchase or a custom design order listening and being responsive to needs are key to providing personalized service that is accountable, highly efficient, and an overall positive experience.  Our commitment to respecting and understanding our clients is prevalent as we wish to meet your current needs; as well as new ones that may arise in the future.  We strive to provide a level of service that allows our company to continue to grow on a solid foundation.


About The Client…

In 2016 the idea for a company to provide positive/inspirational/faith based apparel and accessories was planted.  After two years of ideation, planning, and prayer our company Unique Expression Apparel was launched in 2018 in Northeast Florida with our first collection of shirts that included our signature “I Am Enough” design