Jose is the founder of XJOSE LLC, a dedicated marketing consulting agency. Jose has worked with many companies, providing them social media marketing, website design, and even print marketing. His experiences encompass many diverse kinds of businesses, from event marketing for a comedy club to website design and search engine optimization for immense nationwide companies.

Jose has put multiple businesses on the first page of Google, increased social media presence by 100% for many businesses, and overall created the methods for exponential growth in these companies. For four years, Jose has expanded XJOSE into a multi-department marketing consultant agency, with a diligent team of five.

Since his early teens, Jose has always had a drive towards succeeding and exceeding expectations. He was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to Florida during his childhood. Graduating from high school early, and thus pursuing his dreams to be an entrepreneur at the age of seventeen.

Currently, he enjoys traveling, listening to podcasts, and working. He resides in North Florida with his fiancée.