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Who We Are

We’re XJOSE, we’re motivated, dedicated, and skilled. We put our clients first, keeping their Return On Investments on a positive slope. Delivering excellence isn’t our goal. It’s our job. Having experts in all of the fields in which our services rely on, such as; Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Press Releases and so much more!

We understand these marketing struggles and more which is why we developed our own custom solutions to actually help you market online while having a marketing advisor guide you throughout your whole marketing campaign

We here at XJOSE, genuinely look forward to helping you and your business.


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Schedule A Complimentary
Marketing Consultation!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our marketing advisors to target your ideal market according to your businesses marketing problems, expectations as well as goals. We know every business is different, from size, industry, niche to many other factors that make your business unique which is why we custom-tailor solutions appropriate to your specifications instead of providing “cookie-cutter” services.

This being said, our pricing and approach are organized and transparent throughout without any hidden fees or last-minute charges. 



We are here for you, with our software, strategy, and guidance specifically tailored to you and your needs. Our approach is always targeted for the best return on investment-focused marketing campaigns and solutions.

Our Mission Our Vision Our Values


We understand that marketing your business effectively as well as taking your business online can be very confusing initially, which is why we started XJOSE MEDIA we founded XJOSE with the mission of marketing businesses effectively, efficiently with also reasonable pricing focused on our clients Return on Investments (ROI).


We aim in helping all of our clients fully optimize their business marketing practices to increase Return on Investments (ROI) with custom-made software as well as marketing solutions. XJOSE understands marketing's importance is in its effectiveness yet one of our unique focuses is also in our consistent transparency, having our full marketing agency feel as if your own personal marketing department. 


Our values represent who we are, at our best. We seek to exhibit these values every day. These values are; put customers first, think big, own our differences, and the importance of helping one another no matter big or small. We’re not only experienced, talented, or proud of our job, but we’re beyond dedicated. Dedicated to exceeding expectations, dedicated to improving our client's marketing. Dedicated to the path of excellence – helping our clients every step along the way!


Why Choose Us?

The huge difference between a successful marketing campaign and one that isn’t would be consistency, analytical as well as a systematic approach for a scalable and successful marketing system.  

Increased Search Rankings

Content and website optimized to have the ideal targeted search engine results.

Targeted Marketing

Strategic as well as targeted marketing demographic focused campaigns.

Analytical Marketing

Accurate and in-depth digital analysis to focus on custom metrics accordingly.

Effective Branding

An organized branding strategy increases your businesses reputation.

SSL & Secure Websites

Secure software tools included in all of our websites with no extra cost.

Strategic Alliances

Proper marketing advise to further improve your businesses network.

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